Contura V Warnblinkschalter - on-off - Wippensympol: Warnblinker - Wippe: ROT - 1 LED (ROT)

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    Art.-Nr.: J2A2UT0C-PZSMV-100

    Circuit: 1

    Position One

    Pole 1 is ON T2 to T3

    Pole 2 is ON T5 to T17 and T18

    Dep. Lamp 1 - Full Brightness @ T5(+) to T10(-)

    Position Two - Not used

    Circuit One - Position Three

    Pole 1 is ON T1 to T2

    Pole 2 is OFF

    Indp. Lamp 1 - Low Brightness @ T8(+) to T10(-)