CVEP Services

We are more than just a trading company.

Distrubution partnerships with Carling Technologies, Harnessflex, MTCONNECTIVITY and TiMA have enabled the CVEP Group to diversify ist Starding program. In addition, it has focused on ist down program. The CVEP Group is thus able to offer various products from the following areas:

Relay & Relay Accessories


Steering Columns 




Vehicle switch 


CAN Modules & CAN Keyboards 


Controls, touch screens, membrane keyboards


Car fuses & fuse holders


Contacts & housings for the cable assemblers


Contacts and housings for cable assemblers 


Cable protection systems


Display instruments


Customised solutions


Our Service 

CVEP does everything for its customers!

We bring together the technical know-how of our open-minded partners, thus enriching and expanding the market overview beyond the company's internal know-how. This benefits our customers! CVEP is therefore able to meet the individual wishes of our customers and to specifically adapt and offer our services to the products and requirements of our customers.

Our individual development concepts, tailored to our customers' needs, can be used in a wide range of commercial vehicles, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery and special vehicles (police vehicles, ambulances, fire engines). These development concepts reduce the wiring effort in our customers' commercial vehicles. 

We use our own development to have sufficient capacity for complex projects at all times. In addition, it is thus possible to combine different technologies without loss of knowledge.