Our trading partners

        CVEP's own portfolio is supplemented by first-class products from our trading partners and at the same time manufacturers.

Carling Technologies

is a renowned manufacturer of vehicle switches.


has established itself as a specialist in cable protection systems for commercial vehicles.


offers sophisticated press-fit components for printed circuit boards.


supplies high-quality steering columns and interface systems in the commercial vehicle sector.

Carling Technologies - (part of Littelfuse) offers both analog and CAN-based switches and accessories. Carling is known for reliable products for ON- and OFF-road vehicles, as well as for the marine sector. Carling offers a particularly high variability and flexibility of its product lines on the market.

Harnessflex - (part of ABB) is establishing itself as a cable protection system manufacturer for commercial vehicles on the market and heavy-duty applications. The product range (including backshells for vehicle connectors, terminals and corrugated tubes) is designed for long durability and special stress. Customers with requirements for e-mobility, extreme temperatures or harsh environmental conditions will find the right cable protection. Harnessflex offers the widest variety of connectors and backshells.

MTCONNECTIVITY -  provides a complete range of press-fit components for PCB production. Vehicle and machines that are exposed to special loads benefit from the advantages in terms of mechanical durability and a more optimal temperature range. The elements are available individually or as a finished PCB from CVEP.

TiMA - is a supplier of complete steering columns, control consoles, display instruments and displays at all. The systems are configured according to customer requirements and delivered as plug-and-play solutions. Thanks to modular systems, a wide range of costumer requirements can be implemented efficiently.

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Product variety

Through our reputable trading partners, CVEP Group is able to offer a wide range of products in addition to our own.